Despite the current epidemiological situation, the timing of the Sixth International Field Symposium "WEST SIBERIAN PEATLANDS AND CARBON CYCLE: PAST AND PRESENT – WSPCC-2021" remain the same.
In the current situation, we consider it especially important to continue scientific work, which requires the exchange of experience and direct communication and cooperation. We are confident that the Symposium that traditionally has been held for 20 years will serve as an occasion to meet with colleagues and friends, and will contribute to the development of peatland science and new research opportunities.

The West Siberia holds unique natural areas that attract scientists from all over the world. We are well aware that the value of the Symposium is not only in the oral reports of leading experts but also in the opportunity to personally visit and see the whole variety of peatlands in Siberia.
Field Symposium will include plenary and thematic sessions, round tables (workshops) and scientific field excursions: to "Kondinskye Lakes" Nature Park (450 km west of Khanty-Mansiysk), to Mukhrino International Field Station (with a demonstration of equipment and measurement methods used) and to the peatlands of Surgut Polesie and Ob River valley.

We adapted the program of the event for full-time and on-line participants. We will provide on-line participants with access to all the events of the Symposium: plenary, thematic and poster sessions (with the oral report if needed), discussions and round tables, an on-line broadcast of field excursions, access to video materials ("Chronicles of the Day" format with 3-5-minute videos from the place of an event) and on-line excursion to the scientific field station Mukhrino (an on-line guide with the possibility of a virtual walk).

Symposium sections
1. Biogeochemical cycles of natural and transformed peatland ecosystems.

2. Biodiversity and peatland ecology.

3. Peatlans hydrology. Biogeochemistry of peat and mire waters.

4. Paleoecology and history of peatland development.

5. Ecosystem services of peatlands.

6. Peatlands as objects of conservation and its wise use.

7. Peatlands for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Working languages
Russian and English.

Form of participation in the Symposium
Full-time with oral or poster presentation.
On-line participation with oral or poster presentation.
Only publication of the paper in the Conference Proceedings.

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